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Pharma-Cos Ltd was founded by the late Mr Marcel C. Mifsud in 1974 as a family-run company that set-out to bring to Malta quality products across the personal care, healthcare and medical ranges.

Our Story

In 1974, the late Marcel C.Mifsud founded Pharma-Cos Ltd. This family-run company started with a mission to bring quality personal care, healthcare and medical products to the Maltese market. For professional and consumer clients alike, Pharma-Cos Ltd. has provided over 40 years of service. In this time it has built up a strong reputation for integrity and leadership, values that helped shape the company’s growth and success.
Today, Pharma-Cos Ltd. is run by a highly dedicated, enterprising and enthusiastic team of over 40 individuals. The company already enjoys an excellent working relationship with the majority of wholesalers, retail outlets, the medical profession, and major stakeholders in Malta.


The company is one of Malta’s leading importers, distributors and marketers of medical disposables, devices and hospital equipment, pharmaceuticals, incontinence products, over the counter items, foot care and footwear.

Company Strengths

Pharma-Cos Ltd. are leaders in a number of sectors, most notably;

• RX Pharmaceuticals for dermatological and opthalmic use
• Incontinence products
• Medical Devices
• Hospital Equipment
• Disposable Products
• Foot care and Footwear

    Maintaining Market Leadership through consistent Marketing

    A core strength of the Company has always been marketing. By communicating directly with our whole customer-base, from retail owners and consumers to medical practitioners and clients, we are able to ensure that our brand, and that of the companies we represent, stays front of mind through the entire sales cycle.
    We have successfully used direct marketing, events and seminars, and regularly appear in the press, TV, radio, outdoor, educational programs, as well as a sector-leading approach to social media and our website to support our Foothealth Centres.

    Our areas of Business

    Hospital Business

    • RX Pharmaceuticals
    • Nuclear / Radio Pharmaceuticals
    • Medical Devices
    • Medical Disposables
    • Medical Equipment
    • Technical Servicing


    • Incontinence products
    • RX Pharmaceuticals
    • OTC Pharmaceuticals
    • Fragrances
    • Medical Devices
    • Footcare
    • Footwear


    • Footcare products
    • Footcare accessories
    • Footwear
    • Orthotics
    • Podiatry